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Overview of Imagistik™ Multipage Image Viewer, Graphics Viewer

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Imagistik ™ Image Viewer is a versatile image viewer, optimized for multi-page TIFF files, but also supporting other popular graphics formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP. Features include: page browsing (first, next, previous, last), panning of large images, zoom, crop, rotate, thumbnails page display, clipboard copy and paste, conversions to PDF.

Imagistik features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in six languages, powerful page handling options, and offers many markup and image edit functions, such as annotations, redactions, highlighting, shapes, freehand drawing, curved text, barcode (Code39), image inserts, resolutions, border cleanup, watermarks, rotations, deskewing, and more.

Imagistik includes an "Image Driver" option. The image driver allows you to convert any printable document to a graphics file.

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  • Optimized for multipage Tiff files
  • Powerful pagination options
  • Panning and scrollbar
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Optional conversions to PDF
  • Screen Capture
  • Despeckle
  • Red eye removal
  • Image driver interface to convert any printable document to a graphics file
  • Re-arrange pages of multipage Tiff files
  • Remove pages of multipage Tiff files

Powerful markup options:

  • Text annotations
  • Redactions
  • Highlighting
  • Shapes and freehand drawing
  • Image inserts, barcode Code39 inserts
  • Curved text
  • Watermarks
  • Deskewing
  • Border cleanup
  • Resolutions
  • Color flooding
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Developer Licenses (TiffDLL200 DLL)
Applications developed with the TiffDLL200 DLL may be deployed to an unlimited number of end-users of licensee (personal computers or servers, but not web servers). For deployment of to non-licensees, please inquire. The command-line version of the TiffDLL200 follows the terms of the regular non-developer licenses listed above.
Other Software

Image Driver, PDF Printer Drivers, TIFF Printer Drivers, Raster Printer Drivers: Printer drivers can create multipage Tiff, PDF, etc. files from virtually any Windows application by simply selecting the driver as the 'printer'. Various markup options.

Doc2Tiff: Commandline program to batch convert Word, Excel, etc. files to TIFF without a printer driver.

Informatik Scan: Universal scanning software for TWAIN compliant scanners. The scanned image is displayed and can be saved as a single or multipage TIFF, PDF, etc. files. Many TIFF compressions and features, such as CCITT4, LZW, JPEG Tiff compressions, Deskew, despeckle, page serialization, append pages, etc.

Informatik Archiver Document Imaging, Document Management, Document Archiving, OCR: Powerful and versatile document archival system with scanning, indexing, query and view/print functions. TIFF, PDF, and other formats. MS Access and ODBC compatible. Multipage thumbnails, panning. A complete document archival system for under $250.00.

Informatik Reformat is a universal graphics conversion and transformation utility. Options include: conversions, change compression methods, resolutions, image size, paper size, shift image, cropping, text annotations, image merge, image overlays, watermarks, border cleanup, split multi-page TIFF files, combine, merge TIFF files. Conversions of individual files, selected file or entire directories, even nested subfolders. Conversions of legacy graphics formats.

TIFF2PDF, PDF2TIFF, PDF Markup, PDF Complete. Individual and batch processing of TIFF and PDF files.

TiffDLL Powerful Developers Toolkit for TIFF processing. Conversions, text annotations, image inserts, watermarks, resizing, cropping, border cleanup, etc. Easy to use and versatile.

Many other graphics utilities for PDF and TIFF formats, such as Tiff-to-PDF, PDF-to-TIFF, split multi-page files, combine pages, annotations, watermarks, resize, etc.; available in desktop, commandline

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