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Version: 12.70

Overview of Informatik ScanApp (Barcode Recognition)

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Note: Informatik ScanApp is a standalone program which is included in your purchase of Informatik Scan. When you purchase Informatik Scan, your license key will also unlock Informatik ScanApp.

This program scans documents and automatically names the output (single page or multi-page) according to a barcode or text on the scanned pages or separator pages. More than ten common barcode symbologies are supported. Instead of barcodes, the program can read text (OCR). The program is very versatile with many options. The license is included with the main Informatik Scan.

Compatible with the latest (and all recent) Windows operating systems.

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Highlights - Scanning Software

  • Twain compatible
  • More than 10 barcode symbologies
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Directional reading of barcodes
  • Output as single or multi-page Tiff or PDF files
  • Output as monochrome, 8-bit or 24-bit color depth
  • CCITT4, CCITT3, LZW Tiff formats
  • Deskew, despeckle, exclude blank pages, auto-rotation options
  • Barcode or OCR text can be on document or separator pages
  • Option to exclude page with barcode
  • Optional auto-incrementing numbering
  • Process existing Tiff files (without scanning)
  • Text patterns for barcode validation, with placeholders
  • Prompt for manual input if barcode is missing
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